As the proud general manager of NPS, it is my commitment to provide a learning environment that prides itself on a culture of caring and communal learning through a path-goal oriented approach of involving all stakeholders in the learning process. Through concept of communication, consultation, collaboration and coordination of personalized learning, it is our vision to address the unique educational needs of the student body through positive school-family- community partnerships, data analysis and frequent dialogue with all stakeholders.

We are dedicated to ensuring that all NPS students are prepared for post secondary education and careers, by equipping them with the necessary skills and critical thinking to be self-directed learners and productive citizens contributing positively society and adhere to the values and principles which His Majesty Sultan Qaboos-May Allah guard and favour him- calls for. The likelihood of achieving our goals is strengthened by the fact we offer an academic program that includes breadth and depth, is rigorous, and which can be tailored to individual needs. We encourage the academic standards and have high expectations of personal discipline and motivation from our school.

NPS has adopted this new strategy which is built on reconstructing its organizational structure required for the current and upcoming stages and based on new criteria and regulation that guarantee high standards of education at NPS, and include the following:

  • Update the admission and registration system of new students.

  • Adopt a new method of selecting the new teachers and administrators.

  • Teaching and admin staff performance is assessed through a modern approach.

  • Examination system has been modernized

  • International curricula and programs- in particular the scientific subjects- have been reviewed and revised

  • Foster up-to-date educational enriching electronic program in the basic education cycle.

  • Supply the laboratories and learning resources center with the most modern equipment, tools and instrument.

  • Modernize the electronic website to illustrate the school program and development.

  • Entertainment and school activities are more prioried to be suitable for student’ age.

  • I would like to extend my deepest thanks for His Highness- Barghash Al-Said- the chairman of NPS for his assistance and support that will our school will have a bright future ahead.

  • I wish you everything that you so richly deserve in the years ahead. It has been an honor and a privilege watching your progress and success.

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