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Admission and Enrolment Policy

Dear Parent/Guardian

We welcome you to National Private School, Al- Mabelah and we are delighted that you are considering our school for the education of your child. We accept applications for pupils from Nursery to Grade 4. The school aims to provide an excellent educational environment.

Important notice : If your child continues his / her education at the school for the coming academic year, we would be grateful if you pay for  books, stationeries, locker, uniform and bus fees in full for the coming year by 9th April 2015. ( Please note that no students will be admitted for the coming academic year without the settlement of the first instalment by the 1st  August 2015 .Any outstanding fees for previous year should  be paid before the beginning of the upcoming year 2015/2016

It is not possible to re-enrol any student who still has any outstanding school fees related to the current academic year, pending full settlement.


Stages Term1 August 40% Term 2 December 40% Term 3 February 20% Total
Nursery 360 360 180 900
KG 1 430 430 220 1080
KG 2 500 500 260 1260
Grade: 1-3 575 575 290 1440
Grade: 4 650 650 320 1620


Education Services

School books and stationary include the following :

Books, note books, pens, rulers, erasers, art notebook, music notebook and crayons will be distributed at the beginning of each semester.

The school will provide the students with all their needs, Books , stationery, PE uniform and the locker will be handed out on 30/8/2015.

Stage Stationary
Nursery 100 R.O
Kindergarten KG 1 – KG 2 150 R.O
Grade: 1-4 200 R.O


Transportation Fees:

As for bus seats, the priority will be given to those who have paid for the bus fees first.

Location Two Ways One Way
Al Mabella (Rashid Mosque region) 300 O.R 200 O.R
Al Mabella (7th & 8th region) 375 O.R 275 O.R
Al Mabella 350 O.R 250 O.R
Al Mawaleh(s)-Al Hail(s)-Al Khoud 400 O.R 300 O.R
Al Mawaleh(n)-Al Hail(n)-Al Seeb 450 O.R 350 O.R


School Fees :- 

  The school fees for the academic year  2015/2016 must be settled as follows:-


  • A RO 50\- discount will be given to each student who has other siblings in the school.

  • A discount of 5% of school fees will be given to any student who pays the full school fees by the end of September.

  • The first installment must be paid by cheque or in cash at the beginning of August along with postdated cheques as per the schedule concerning the payment of school fees. In case the parent does not want the cheques to be deposited, he \she should inform the school administration in writing beforehand.

  • In case of enrolment after the 31st August, the school is not obliged to offer any discount on school fees.

  • In case of a student leaving the school after the first term, no paid amount will be refunded unless the school is notified in writing before the beginning of the term.

  • If a student leaves the school one month after the beginning of the school year, he\she must pay the full first term’s fees. The parent should notify the school in writing accordingly.

  • If a student leaves the school in a period of less than one month after the beginning of the school year, he\she should pay half of the full first term’s fees. The parent should notify the school in writing accordingly.

  • If a student is enrolled between the two school terms, only half of the school fees is payable. As for the enrolment fees as well as the books, stationery ,locker, and PE uniform , they shall remain fixed.

Enrolment fee for new student is RO 100\-  non-refundable

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