There is no limit to our ambition. We feel that we need to continue working much harder to accomplish some of our ambitions.

I always emphasize that the main aim of education is not related to monetary benefit, but is to bring up a generation of young people who can be responsible, adhere to the moral sense of their religion, the traditions and customs of their grandparents and adopt the latest methods of science and technology. Therefore, this generation becomes more aware of the importance of blending the scientific and academic sides with the social and historical sides.

I also seek to retain top management to meet the requirements and demands of the process of progress in all walks of life. In addition, I keep a close watch on the teaching and administrative processes in the school in order to deal with any drawbacks or challenges that hinder progress and achievements.

Our school adopts the continuous development strategies including on-going programs of employees’ professional development, constant analysis and assessment of school performance and best methods of monitoring students.

Believing in teamwork that makes the process of learning more interesting and enjoyable, the school administration always encourages the students and their parents to participate in formulating these strategies and achieving the aims and vision of the Omani government under the wise leadership of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said- may Allah favour and guard him – so that the levels of education can be improved.

We employ well qualified and experienced teachers from different countries so that our students can benefit from their cultures and experiences. On top of that, the best Omani teachers who are highly efficient in teaching and administration are also employed.

After long years of great effort and hard work of the National private school employees, it has become fully fledge . We hope the parents always tie our school to qualities of honesty and trustworthiness because we spare no effort to achieve these ambitions including implanting values and principles in our students ‘minds and learning new experiences and skills which help them serve their country.

May Allah guard Oman and its wise leader; make our children the apple of our eyes at all times.


Barghash Bin Said Bin Mohammed Al-Said

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