• Our Goals
    1. To enable students to be aware of their Arab Culture, heritage and history of their nation.
    2. To raise the awareness among students to hold full responsibilities for their country alongside with the respective authorities.
    3. To adopt more foreign languages and courses within the framework of the educational laws of Oman.
    4. To reinforce students’ self-confidence as to be good citizen students in their country.
    5. To help the students gain the cognitive skills required to pursue their higher education.
    6. To make good use of modern methods and technologies to equip the students academically.
    7. To find out and develop the students’ creative skills and abilities through various activities.
    8. To highlight the major role of standard Arabic language and how to employ it in the learning process.
    9. To enhance the positive relation between the teachers and the social environment surrounding.
    10. To relate the academic attainment to moral behaviors through fostering the close relation between the concepts of education and learning.
    11. To encourage students to be more cooperative and responsible
    12. To improve students’ abilities and skills through various activities.
    13. To develop the teacher’s performance and help them use modern and creative methods of teaching.

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